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Lake George Historical Association:
Dedicated to Preserving our History
A Non-Profit Organization


The Lake George Historical Association (LGHA) is a not-for-profit (501c 3) organization dedicated to the preservation of the history of the Lake George region.

The LGHA has a Rich History


The LGHA originated in 1895 and prospered and evolved into the New York State Historical Society.  In 1964 a dedicated group of individuals formed what is the current Lake George Historical Association.

Located in the Historic 1845 Warren County Courthouse


When the Historical Society came together in the early 1960’s they did so with the common goal of saving the Old Warren County Court House from the “wrecking ball.”  Located at Canada and Amherst Streets in Lake George Village this 1845 brick structure became the perfect home for the Lake George Historical Association and its collection of historical artifacts - and with that LGHA established the Lake George Historical Association Museum.

A Home for Historical Artifacts


The Museum is a popular attraction and provides a means of discovery to the rich past of this historical region; therefore, we at the Historical Association would like to introduce you, through this website, to what the Museum and the Lake George region have in store for you if you have a chance to come and visit.

LGHA Museum Hours and Tours

The museum is open regularly throughout the summer season and year-round, LGHA offers special programs and events.  Private tours are available.  View our current hours on our Contact Page. We hope you have an interesting and enjoyable visit!.

Mission Statement

This is to be achieved through the following objectives:

  • Promotion of the Lake George Historical Association

  • Promotion and operation of the Old Warren County Court House Museum

  • Promotion and encouragement of original historical research

  • Encouragement of the preservation of historic sites and structures and suitable marking of such places

  • Gathering and dissemination of information concerning the history of the Lake George region

  • Acquiring, preserving, displaying and making available for study relics and other memorabilia relating to the early and current history of the Lake George area

(Charter granted December 1969 by the Board of Regents on behalf of the NY State Department of Education.)

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