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Prospect Mountain  in History

(Scroll down for interesting pictures of the railway)

 2,034 feet to the summit 

Prior to 1877 - Log cabin built

1877 - Dr. James Ferguson of Glens Falls purchased the top of the mountain and built THE PROSPECT MOUNTAIN HOUSE HOTEL accessible by horse-drawn carriage.

 1880 - Fire destroyed hotel and surrounding forest; hotel rebuilt soon after with viewing/observation tower on top; many guests were there for health reasons - tuberculosis or hay fever

1895 - Prospect Mountain Incline Railway opened to the public. The new property owner, Mr. William Peck and the Horicon Improvement Company joined with the Otis Engineering Company to build the cog railway to the summit. The hotel continued to operate at the summit after Mr. Peck made many improvements to it.

1902 - The popularity of the Incline Railway diminished and Mr. Peck surrendered his holdings to the Otis Company which ran it for one more year as the "Otis Incline Railway". 

1923 - Rumors that the hotel would become a gambling casino prompted George Foster Peabody, who had acquired the mountain in 1904, to give it to New York State to be developed for public use. 

1932 - Prospect Mountain House destroyed by fire; replaced by a steel fire tower. 

- For 30 years: discussions, studies, plans and struggles played out in deciding what to do with Prospect Mountain 

1954 - State legislation signed by Governor Tom Dewey to build a highway up the Mountain!! 

1966 - Gov. Rockefeller signed legislation making funds available!!

 1969 - Prospect Mountain State Parkway opened as a Memorial Highway in honor of America's War Veterans.

 TODAY - Drive or hike up for spectacular views!!

-Courtesy of Maggie McClure


Prospect Mt. Cable Car
Prospect Mt. Cable Car 1897-1903

"Claude Granger of Kattskill Bay NY conductor, standing on rear platform on the way down.

Fares $1.00    Later dropped to $0.50

Built by Ottis Elevator Co. Operated in conjunction with the Prospect Mt. House and the Lake House Hotel which later became the Shepperd Memmorial Park."

-Description found with photograph

Prospect mountain House Postcard
-Postcard of Prospect Mt. House donated by O.M. Schermerhorn.


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