Fort George

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Fort George


 "The fort was built on the site of the 1755 Battle of Lake George when Sir William Johnson and his British forces defeated French and Indian Troops established British control over Lake George.  IN 1759, as a base of operations against Ft. Carillon on Lake Champlain, Gen. Jeffery Amherst ordered construction of a large stone fort which he named Ft. George.  When Ft. Carillon was captured in 1760 Amherst began construction of a Ft. at Crown Point and work on Fort George ceased.  At the outbreak of the American Revolution, Lake George and Fort George again assumed an important role. On May 12, 1775 Americans seized Ft. George and its stores.  From August 1775 to July 1777 Ft. George served as a major supply depot hospital for the Northern Continental Army.  Burgoyne's troops used it as a supply depot during the summer of 1777.  Between 1778 and 1782 the fort was again in American hands.  The British seized the fort in 1781 and it was burned."

--Building Structure Inventory Form (undated)

Today the basic exterior walls still stand, but are not built up in some sections.  The largest section of the walls stands about 10 feet high.


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