Father Isaac Jogues

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Father Isaac Jogues
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Father Isaac Jogues Monument


Jesuit priest and missionary from Orleans, France.  The first white man to view Lake George.

First white man to view Lake George, Fr. Jogues named the lake "Lac du St. Sacrament" in honor of the Feast of Corpus Cristi, May 29, 1646.  He brought Christianity to the Huron Indians, 1636-42. Captured and tortured by the Mohawk Indians (with the loss of his thumbs and half of his index fingers in 1643), he escaped with the help of Dutch settlers and returned to France the same year.  The Indians believed that by removing his thumb and index finger he would not be able to call down the spirits.  He was martyred in Oct. 1646 by the Mohawk Indians as he returned to the new world to spread Christianity.  He attained sainthood June 29, 1930.



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